About Salford Baby Bank

We want to see babies and children have the basic practical provisions to thrive and we want to reduce the financial burden on families.

Clients are asked to pick up their items from a collection point in their local community, or professionals can collect and deliver. We aim to work closely with partner organisations based in the local community who can help connect families and be a friendly contact to those families referred.

Salford is a brilliant, thriving city with a proud heritage. However, child poverty rates in the city are high, and this makes things difficult for the households who are juggling many difficult circumstances.

There are five areas of Salford with child poverty rates of over 40%, despite regeneration projects in the same areas.

There are many contributing factors to this city wide problem, which need to be tackled. It has also been shown that for each individual family or single parent, the addition of a new baby to the home is a major contributing factor to facing poverty. It is at this point that Baby Bank wants to provide people with the means of finding support and additional resources to help them through to the next stage of their family life.

While our service is very practical, we strive to be holistic in our support, and work with partners that are connected in the community and may be able to offer additional support for families. After all, Salford is a city which is proud of it’s community spirit!

Background and team

Salford Baby Bank is run by Daughters of Salford.

Daughters of Salford is a registered charity (No. 1185587) with a mission to work in partnership with others to ensure vulnerable women and families start well and thrive.

The team is made up of women who call Salford home and who have a heart for others who live in the city.

We are:


Angie Ouattara has worked as a Midwife and Focused Care Practitioner in Salford for many years, and thinks she might have looked after bumps and tums or had a brew in every street in Salford over the last 18yrs.


Liz Peppiatt is a social worker and a church leader. She has had the opportunity to live overseas however Salford is the place she calls home. Her passions are pasta and 80’s pop!

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Abbie Cooper is a family solicitor and incredible Mum to 4 including one of our teen volunteers. Teddy and Sherlock, the family cats add adventure every day to Abbie's household and her rendition of Julie Andrews songs are not to be missed!


Anna Pratt has lived in Salford for 4 years. She works in GP practices across Greater Manchester but also works in a community centre in Salford.


Judy Usher runs both The Castle Community Centre and Big Top Catering in Eccles - and so is the trustee that goes to the most parties!


Gemma Prince has brought up both her daughter and her wannabe therapy dog in Salford - and is a finance officer too.


Erin Coussins is a local lass and very busy Mum of two girls with a gift for social media and making all things look glam and beautiful!

Are you able to support us?

We depend on financial support and donations of supplies. Your donations help us to support families in our community.